I help moms build a sustainable business with SEO-driven content that attracts their perfect customer

Are you a business mom stuck in the vicious cycle of content creation on social media? 

Does it seem like you always have to keep up despite being burnt out on socials?  You find yourself spending more time on social platforms than actually getting work done on your own business!

If this sounds familiar, then I can help!

my little eater_Edwena

“Rowena and her team basically helped me understand things that were so technical & complicated and broke them down for me in a way that made sense. This allowed me (and my team) to be able to implement the SEO strategies on our own.  They took the time to make sure that we were succeeding in our business!” 
– Edwena Kennedy, My Little Eater

What if you could finally take a break from social media and learn to do SEO-driven content marketing to make your website work for you 24/7?

MYTH: Social media should be your primary source of leads.

REALITY: Your path to a flow of sustainable leads starts with SEO and organic content. You’ve tried blogging (in fact, you love pouring your heart out to your audience, connecting with them and making an impact) but your past efforts have either 1) fallen flat 2) fizzled out 3) is sitting on the backburner as we speak.

What if you know how to create content from start to finish?

This means from topic ideation, creation,  optimization, publishing and measuring the results. 

Great news: It is POSSIBLE.

I see you, Content Mama:

  • You have a product/service that genuinely helps other people
  • You want to be the #1 trusted leader in your industry
  • But…You’re totally anxious around constant creation on social media
  • You’re ALWAYS in work and grind mode, trying to create all your blog content week by week – without a clear long-term strategy
  • You want more energy and time for the things you’re passionate about…but you’re all-in on your biz – handling everything yourself

     You’re juggling too much, mama.

     Ready to do things differently?

     It’s time to stop taking short-term wins on social media and INSTEAD focus on steady and strategic growth using SEO-driven content marketing.

In The Content Mamas Program, we believe in giving you total confidence in SEO and content creation for your business sustainability.

Hi mamas! I’m Rowena. 👋

I’ve been in the startup world since 2013.   

I’ve always loved tools, automation, and technical marketing (I come from a Computer Engineering background).

I was excited to lead Digital Marketing for a technology investor when we moved to Australia. But in October 2018, I had a wakeup call when I failed to get traction for one of this investor’s SaaS businesses.

My biggest nightmare happened – this SaaS startup flopped.  With its closure, I had to introspect on everything that we did and didn’t do!

I really thought we were gonna make it. I was trying to do everything I could think of. Including exploring every marketing channel we could – social media, email marketing, FB & LinkedIn ads, even affiliate marketing. Nothing sustained us.

What’s the one thing we missed?

We failed to invest in comprehensive, optimized blog posts with a proven strategy for long-term success.

I didn’t know at the time that the depth and value of your brand’s content is WHY people choose to work with you or buy what you have to offer!

So, after my maternity leave in November 2020, I came back with a fresh perspective…

I definitely wanted to focus on the most effective, long-term approach to marketing there is and I (excitedly) jumped right in to SEO! 

And I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am to have discovered content marketing. (But first, a brief rundown of how I got myself here).

Here’s what this looked like for me:

The first thing I did was invest in my own skills. We got trained inside The Blueprint Training with Ryan Stewart and my agency partner Kim and I went to work – we got clients while I really honed in on content strategy.

Then, after starting an SEO agency in 2021, we quickly made an (awesome) discovery:

Business moms were desperately in need of guidance on how to do SEO-driven content marketing themselves – without having to be an SEO expert.

And the business mamas using SEO agencies didn’t want to be depending on them forever..

So The Content Mamas Program was born to fill that gap

We know that when it comes to your business, you can’t afford to mess around – so we take a no-nonsense, results-driven approach to our training.

We give you tools, knowledge and strategies to rank your site, create content that converts and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

But don’t take our word for it! Hear what one of our clients has to say:

Business mom using her laptop

Edwena is the owner of "My Little Eater"

She and her manager do all their content themselves.   

But as we were working with her, it became quickly apparent that they’d want to be hands-on and learn how to manage their own content from start to finish! 

A lot of smart business moms like Edwena and yourself are subject matter experts in your field so creating a program with FULL guidance and support just made total sense – and that way our students can consistently and continuously harness the power of ranking on Google!

Check out some of the results we got for Edwena:

Shows over-all traffic and keywords increase per month. These will continuously increase due to SEO's compounding effect!

Traffic from all top pages (orange line) have increased significantly since fixing technical SEO errors, doing on-page optimization and rewriting blog posts using a Content Grader tool.

Shows how a particular optimized post now ranks on Page 1 & 2 for many golden keywords. Some keywords even have position increase as much as 45 places!

Content score is higher than the top pages on Google. It's only a matter of time for this post to outrank the competing pages on SERP.


The Content Mamas Program is a hybrid SEO services program that combines Done-for-you and Done-with-you models. 

This 90-day program aims to simplify everything you need to know to create content from:

  • topic ideation
  • content creation
  • optimization
  • publishing and measuring the results

from start to finish!

Together we’ll create a 90-day game plan to a successful content marketing framework that’s completely aligned with your biggest business goals.

This program is the real deal, and you’ll put in work… but reap REAL rewards.

It’s a collaborative process through and through – you’re doing the work yourself while getting full guidance from us. With us as your business mentors, you’ll be learning the skills you need to make real sustainable change in your business through content.

We’ll share our proven roadmap for the 4 Keys of a Base Content Strategy:

Then, you and your team implement the roadmap into your unique business, with full SEO coaching support and guidance from us.

The Content Mamas is the only program in existence that teaches business moms how to successfully use content creation in today’s world.  We know success is measured in seeing (and feeling!) a sustainable return on your investment, and that’s why we’re here for you through the whole process.

The Content Mamas program is designed to give you total confidence and steady progress from the very first day…

The Content Mamas_Phase0


Technical Setup

During the first 90 days, we’ll focus on technical setup and optimization. A solid website and framework is  the foundation of proper technical SEO.  

This is the part which will be completely Done-for-you, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Seriously! You don’t have to worry about the most technical SEO parts of the backend of your tools – our team will do this all for you.

In technical SEO, 80-20 Pareto Principle also applies –  so our team focuses on SEO items that actually drive results such as: HTTP Status codes, optimizing XML sitemaps, canonicals, crawlability and indexability, core web vitals, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, page speed and overall page experience. 

As you have probably already realized, a lot of agencies will charge you purely for audit of these items without doing the fix for you.  Fixing some of these technical SEO issues are easily being packaged at around $1,500 USD!

How Search Works

Before we get to the heavy part, we’ll first introduce important terminologies that we’ll use throughout the program. And if you’re a new Mama to the world of SEO, fret not– we’ll walk you through what SEO is and how it will help your business.

PHAse one

Topic + Keyword Research

We’ll figure out exactly what your audience wants, is searching for online, and how much competition you’re facing. We’ll get to work and teach you how to find relevant topics and sub-topics that show Google you’re an expert.

As a founding member in Julia McCoy’s newest coaching program, I’ve been mentored personally by Julia on some of the best practical content marketing strategies in existence–tailored to help you get FOUND by your ideal clients. 

Julia is a known content marketing leader, 6x author, has had her story featured on Forbes, and recently exited her content agency (which she built from scratch through content).

The key to real results is that we’ll start you with the right content strategy and then everything in the program builds from there. Because once you learn these powerful systems, the “how” of actually implementing a lead-generation content creation process will all fall into place..


Writing for Both Google and Your Audience

Phase 2 is where we are the most hands-on with you – we’ll get deeply involved in your process so we can customize the program for YOU. We’ll spend more time rewriting and refreshing your existing blog posts. Finding and boosting your powerful “low-hanging fruit” pages is part of how we’re able to get you quick wins – tangible results that motivate you to keep at it.

We’ll also have a module specifically for podcasters – as long as your show notes are hosted on your own site. We’ll teach you the anatomy of an SEO-optimized show note.  

This is content repurposing on another level – you’ll be growing your audience through listeners who find you via Google search! 

We’ll also teach you the most streamlined process to write new high-ROI content for three types of goals: SEO rankings, brand awareness and sales.


Getting Your Piece Ready For Publishing

In Phase 3, we review your piece for approval and publishing. We’ll build a repeatable content process to oversee content creation that works!

Measure, Refine and Repeat

In Phase 3, we review your piece for approval and publishing. We’ll build a repeatable content process to oversee content creation that works!We’ll guide you on how to truly measure the success of your content marketing efforts. This means analyzing, auditing, updating and measuring your website and posts performance.  

We’ll simplify this process by introducing you to helpful tools that remove the overwhelm of things like looking at your site analytics – that way, you can be a confident,  data-driven CEO of your business!

After 90 days, you and your team will have a repeatable process to produce many pieces of effective content with depth and value!   This last phase is a rinse and repeat of what you’ve already learned. 

The Content Mamas_Phase3


Aims to help growth-focused business moms  build their own sustainable businesses through  an SEO-driven content marketing hybrid (Done-for-you + Done-with-you) program.


Apply Now For Your Spot Inside Our Program


Submit an application, so we know if you're a good fit.  Book a call with our team next.


Hop on a call, and we'll listen to your current content marketing plan and structure and help you get clear on how the program can help.


If you're a good fit for a spot inside the program, we'll extend an offer to you so you can start learning and implementing!


That’s right – This is a beta program so we’re limiting founding member seats to a small group only. This is, as far as I know, the only hybrid program in the Content Marketing space today.

Before we scale this, our very first small group of business moms will be our strong case studies and you get to help us shape the entire program – helping and making a real impact on other business moms to come.

If you’d like to be guided and supported by a team that does things differently in the SEO space, I invite you to fill out the form and apply for The Content Mamas Program where you can book a call with me and my team so we can get you started!

So here's a look at the The Content Mamas hybrid program again whenever you decide to join us:

What Support Will I Get?

The Done-with-you modules will be Google Docs (including the necessary worksheets/templates, etc) with walk-through Loom videos.

We’ve found this works better than delivering it live so you’ll have a chance to review it and work on the modules with your team…and you can come up with questions in advance.

You’ll get 90-days support in a private Slack channel, where you and your team can ask us any questions you might have as you start to implement the modules.

We will have up to 3 monthly group coaching calls and a 1:1 call (to be decided as we’ll have to assess which part of the modules is the best time to have the 1:1 call.

Want support after the 90-day Program?  We will decide on this option after our beta program. As this is beta, we’ll get feedback from you, then we can decide how to provide you with on-going support even after the program ends.


Together we’ll create a 90-day game plan to a successful content marketing framework that’s completely aligned with your biggest business goals. 

This program is the real deal, and you’ll put in work… but reap REAL rewards.